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13FISH calls making a difference

Too Many Snapper

Closeup image of snapper fishesA call to 13FISH alerted Fisheries Officers to two men fishing the Portland Lee Breakwater and taking too many snapper.

Officers found the men had 54 fish in their possession, 45 of which were snapper and under the 28cm minimum size.

The bag limit for snapper is 10, of which no more than three snapper can be 40cm or longer.

The court found the 55-year-old man guilty of taking 45 undersized snapper and exceeding the bag limit.

He was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $1,755 to the crown in compensation for the fish taken. All fishing gear used in the offences was forfeited.

The other man was dealt with on the day of the incident. He claimed not to have caught any of the fish, but was found to be fishing without a current recreational licence. He received an on-the-spot infringement notice.

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